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Healthy Road for LED Hydroponic Vegetables Project Acceptance for Research and Demonstration of High Efficient Protected Vegetab

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On January 22, Science and Information Technology of Panyu Area,Guanghzou held the examination & acceptance meeting for the above Scienceand Technology Project which was undertook by our company and South ChinaAgricultural University.


In the meeting, experts listened work report given by this project leaders,JOINMAX general engineer, Cai Ruhai and Professor Luo of South ChinaAgricultural University. Experts carried out on-site survey of the experimentalequipments for this project. After questions and discussions, they all agreedthat the above project passed the examination and acceptance.


Acceptance Meeting on January 22

Acceptance Meeting on January 22

                                        Work Report Given by Cai Ruhai                                                                               Work Report Given by Professor LuoJian


                                                                Experts on-site survey―Chen Jiansheng, general manager of Joinmaxintroduced this project to experts.

Project Team

The above project researched the application of LED light environment insouth vegetable seeding. Focusing on solving the LED light source technologyneeded in vegetable seeding cultivation in Winter and Spring in Guangdong area.

The LED light supplemental equipments developed in this project suitseveral vegetables’seeding and cultivation in south climate, like lettuce,mustard, basella rubra. The LED light supplementalcontrol system can realize the automatically light control of vegetablecultivation in different climates. Through experiments, we confirm parameterslike the light quality, light intensity, time for light supplementing which aresuitable for the above vegetables’ seeding and cultivation in south climate.


The project result is applied in protected vegetable cultivation. Itenables the vegetable seeding and cultivation to achieve the purpose of highyield and quality and get good economic effects. That’s has good applicationvalue and promotion prospects.


Business Dept.Lao Hongxing


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